PET Preforms

Preforms are made of different colors and shades. Currently, our company provides the following types of PET preforms with unlimited color range:

PCO 1810

PCO 1810 PET preform
PCO 1810-21.1 gr. PET preform
21.1 g PET preform.
PCO 1810-36.3 gr. PET preform
36.3 g PET preform.
PCO 1810-24 gr. PET preform
24 g PET preform.
PCO 1810-38 gr. PET preform
38 g PET preform.
PCO 1810-32 gr. PET preform
32 g PET preform.
PCO 1810-40 gr. PET preform
40 g PET preform.
PCO 1810-35 gr. PET preform
35 g PET preform.
PCO 1810-47 gr. PET preform
47 g PET preform.
PCO 1810-88 gr. PET preform
88 g PET preform.

PCO 1881

PCO 1881 PET preform
PCO 1881-17.8 gr. PET preform
17.8 g PET preform.
PCO 1881-32 gr. PET preform
32 g PET preform.
PCO 1881-22.5 gr. PET preform
22.5 g PET preform.
PCO 1881-36.02 gr. PET preform
36.02 g PET preform.
PCO 1881-26 gr. PET preform
26 g PET preform.
PCO 1881-39.72 gr. PET preform
39.72 g PET preform.
PCO 1881-30 gr. PET preform
30 g PET preform.
PCO 1881-42 gr. PET preform
42 g PET preform.
PCO 1881-46.72 gr. PET preform
46.72 g PET preform.

Bottle caps

PCO 1810-1881 PET preform caps
PCO 1810-3.2 gr. PET preform cap
PCO 1810 PET bottle cap.
PCO 1881-22.5 gr. cork stopper
PCO 1881 PET bottle cap.

PET caps, polymer caps – for bottles.

We are ready to provide to our customers plastic bottle closures PCO 1810 and 1881 of any color. The weight of the closures: 3.3 and 2.2 g. In addition, we produce closures for PET preforms weighing 88 grams. This type of cap is equipped with a special handle.

Pad logo printing services on bottle caps

Alfapet LLC provides its customers with the opportunity to purchase not only PET preforms with bottle caps, but also order the application of logos on the bottle cap. Logos are applied by pad printing. Printing can be one-color, two-color and three-color. We can assist in the development of logo design.

Using pad printing, you can apply images to any surface without losing the quality of the applied image. Equipment for applying logos, the German company “Tampoprint” allows the production of bottle caps with the application of company logos.

Shrink film

Thermoresistant paper

Alfapet Company began the production of shrink film – film materials to fully meet the demand of manufacturers of drinks, beer, vegetable and other types of oils, as well as for manufacturers of dairy products. We are sure that buying PET preforms at the same time, as closures for PET bottles and shrink film from Alfapet, our partners not only will save their time, but also will have the opportunity to reduce the cost of production.

Accredited Laboratory

There is a laboratory for quality control of PET preforms at our factory. This laboratory has been accredited by the Agency for Standardization, Certification, Metrology and Trade Inspection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

In our modern laboratory, analyses are performed on the following equipment:

PETes AAanalyzer

1. PIOVANPETesAAAnalyzer, Italy – for analysis on the content and determination of the level of acetaldehyde in the finished PET – Preforms weighing from 18 to 47 grams.


2. GAVIS GW9000/OD9500,USA — to check the conformity of the geometric parameters of PET – Preforms, provided drawings with a weight of 18 to 88 grams.