Cooperation with World Leader Coca-Cola

After receiving authorization from Coca-Cola, in February 2015, Alfapet began supplying products for the Coca-Cola Nushokihoi Tojikiston soft drinks factory.

Our cooperation continues to this day and has every opportunity for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of 2019, fruitful negotiations were held with CJSC Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan on the start of deliveries of PET preforms, as well as extensive contacts were established with new potential buyers. Alfapet Company has established a successful mutually beneficial partnership with CJSC Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers, promoting the company’s products in the markets of the Central Asian region. We are pleased to work with such a professional team and look forward to the development of our partnerships in 2020.

Coca-cola logo

Alfapet also works with International Financial Institutions. In particular, the project to launch a line for the production of bottle caps for PET bottles was completed with the active participation of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. A loan was allocated from the bank for the purchase of equipment from the Canadian company HUSKY, and the German company ERWES Reifenberg GmbH & Co. KG ”and Italian -“ Geffit S.P.A. ” The implementation of the project made it possible to provide consumers of PET preforms with a high-quality bottle caps at the same time.