Our Mission

Provide high quality products and services in Tajikistan. Be a preferred and trusted partner. To maintain consumer confidence in the Company as a supplier of high quality products. Creating a team spirit of unity, joint action and team building.

About Us

Alfapet LLC is a professional team of like-minded people, firmly focused on innovation, with global productivity.

Alfapet develops innovative, economical and environmentally friendly packaging solutions that provide maximum protection while emphasizing our customers’ products. We constantly strive to be aware of new trends, future innovations and world standards in order to better anticipate the needs of our customers.

We also invest in regular training methods in order to improve our competitiveness. In our work we are based on responsibility, trust and professionalism. We constantly study the consumer market and strive to meet customer needs by providing high-quality and reliable PET preforms. Each employee contributes to the continuous improvement process.

In our processes we use only high-quality materials, offer the best solutions, attract and develop professionals to the team. Together with Wayrex Ltd. (GB) we managed to start a project and create an enterprise of PET preforms production in Tajikistan. Attracting foreign investment, Alfapet LLC _______ installed and launched high-precision technological equipment of one of the leading suppliers – HUSKY. Husky is known for it’s the most advanced equipment in the global packaging industry market. Alfapet became the first company producing world standard PET preforms in the Republic of Tajikistan. In 2009, the company launched the PCO 1810 bottle closure production line. Production line for logo printing on closures was installed next year. Five years later, in 2015, a new production line of PET preforms PCO 1881, and an accredited laboratory were successfully launched.

2018 – start of the PCO 1881 plastic closures production line. Today, the plant’s production capacity is more than 250 million PET preforms and 150 million closures per year.


FSSC 22000 Certificate version 4.1
FSSC 22000 Certificate version 4.1

Food Safety System Certificate (FSSC 22000 Version 4.1)

Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) for food safety and quality management is a recognized food safety certification scheme. This scheme defines the requirements for the development, implementation and operation of a food safety management system.

The fourth version of the FSSC 22000 standard reflects industry best practices and consists of a number of separate components that are tested as a single system:

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System – Requirements for organizations throughout the food supply chain
ISO and PAS Industry Prerequisites for Food Safety
Additional requirements of the scheme for on-site services, personnel, supplies, food protection, food fraud prevention, food allergen management and food labeling.

Development Strategy of Alfapet LLC

The development strategy envisages strengthening the role of ALFAPET in the PET preform market not only in the Republic of Tajikistan, but also in the neighboring countries of near and far, and remain a reliable partner for all major domestic manufacturers.

One of the main factors of the development strategy of Alfapet is the introduction of innovative developments in the domestic market. Each year the improved consumer culture of the population, increases demands not only on the quality of products, but also to the packaging. Therefore, every year the need for packaging with special barrier properties that meet food safety standards is increased.